Keith Olbermann: Donald Trump Will Use Fear Of Terrorism To Consolidate His Power

Olbermann argued that Trump's travel ban is just the beginning

Keith Olbermann believes President Donald Trump’s travel ban on citizens from seven Muslim countries is just the beginning. In his latest YouTube video for GQ‘s ‘The Resistance’, Olbermann compared the Trump administration to the Bush administration.

Olbermann argued that the travel ban was a gift for ISIS because it bought into the narrative that America and the west are at war with Islam. He explained that ISIS had already said that Trump was their preferred candidate for president because he would serve as a recruiting tool.

But Olbermann went further. Comparing Trump’s actions with the Bush administration after 9/11, Olbermann outlined how fear of terrorism allowed the last Republican administration to extend its power and benefit politically from a worried public.

“When large scale terrorism last presented itself, the last Republican administration exploited the horror, began to play with the fears of 285 million Americans to try to consolidate its power here permanently,” Olbermann said, before asking how Donald Trump would behave in the wake of a terrorist attack.

“Would he, like George W. Bush, rationalize a pointless war somewhere unconnected to events?” Olbermann asked. “Would he, like George W. Bush, seek to blame Democrats for lack of preparedness? Would he, like George W. Bush, begin pushing back against freedom of the press? Would he, like George W. Bush, begin denouncing critics as terrorist sympathizers?”

Olbermann finished by wondering if Trump would go even further than the Bush administration in imposing his will on the political system and perhaps curtailing the power of other branches of government.

You can watch below.

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Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.