Elizabeth Warren Attacks Trump And GOP For ‘Gutting’ Ethics

Elizabeth Warren Attacks Trump And GOP For ‘Gutting’ Ethics

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has attacked Republican leaders in Congress for voting to gut the independent body that overseas congressional ethics. Though President-elect Donald Trump has also criticized the move, Warren pointed out that he, too, has ethical conflicts.

Warren tweeted that Trump “still hasn’t announced plans for his business empire while falsely claiming the President can’t have conflicts.” Warren pointed out that the Republican vote to prevent potential ethics violations being reported to police was not the only issue with the incoming administration.

“Trump’s cabinet of billionaires & CEOs have ignored gov ethics rules & dragged their feet on FBI backgrounds & financial disclosures,” Warren tweeted. “And now the House GOP is gutting its ethics office in the middle of the night – hours before the new Congress is sworn in.”

“Tell us, GOP,” Warren said on Twitter, “Who, exactly, thinks that the problem with Washington is that we have too many rules requiring the gov to act ethically?”

The 115th Congress will meet later today to swear in its members and possibly lay out the Republican agenda or the coming session. Donald Trump will not be sworn in as president until January 20.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.