Keith Olbermann: Vladimir Putin Is A Modern Hitler And Trump’s Treason Is Appeasement

Olbermann damned Trump for his inability to deal with Russian interference

Keith Olbermann has once again condemned Donald Trump as a stooge for Vladimir Putin and accused the president-elect of actions bordering on treason. In his latest YouTube video for ‘The Resistance’, Olbermann criticized Trump for his failure to take intelligence briefings.

“He has been helped into the White House by the evil of another nation and all our politicians will do is promise reviews and committees whose words will be too measured and too late,” Olbermann said of Trump. “And now, on top of all else, he will not listen to the daily intelligence briefings.”

Olbermann mocked Trump’s claim that he is smart enough not to need intelligence briefings and attacked Trump’s refusal to believe the CIA’s assessment of Russian involvement in the election. Olbermann suggested that Trump in office won’t believe the intelligence agencies anyway.

“What happens when the CIA next says ‘The Russians are absorbing Ukraine?'” Olbermann asked. “What happens when the CIA then says ‘Putin is so strong, he’s planning to take back Alaska?’ What happens when the CIA then says ‘There’s an imminent terrorist attack and it tracks back to Putin?’ What happens when the CIA finally says ‘Putin’s lost his mind and he’s launching missiles?'”

Olbermann then quoted Winston Churchill from 1938 as Churchill predicted that British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s agreement with Adolf Hitler would lead to a world war.

“Just as in Churchill’s time, we too have a Hitler,” Olbermann said. “No, it’s not Trump, not yet, certainly not in this context, anyway. The part of Hitler in our sad re-enactment of the months before the Second World War is played by Vladimir Putin. Trump? In this remake, Trump is Neville Chamberlain.”

You can watch below.

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Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.
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  • Reynardine
    17 December 2016 at 11:53 pm

    No, not Neville Chamberlain… Vidkun Quisling.

  • A Concerned Citizen
    16 August 2017 at 3:10 am

    The real reason Clinton lost is not because of population density nor the electoral college. The college itself was created to make voting more fair, so states like California (a Blue State) wouldn’t get an advantage over smaller, less populated states.

    Clinton lost, whether people want to accept it or not, because of Bernie Sanders. Sanders had such a huge following and when Hillary defeated, there was nearly as much outrage as their was when Trump won. This election had a disproportionate amount of independent voters, many of whom were voting against both Clinton and Trump.

    There were some key states whose votes were so close that, had Clinton received even a small portion of the multitude of Independent voters, she would have won, and would currently be leading the country. Granted, the same can be said of Trump. There were, and still are, plenty of Right-wing voters who would do anything to get rid of him. Had it been anyone else running, Clinton would have lost by an even larger margin.

    This is a lesson to the Democratic voters that it is important to stay unified. Hopefully they will take it to heart and in 2020 we can see a lot fewer votes wasted on the Independent parties.

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