Olbermann: Germany Has Replaced Us Because Trump Doesn’t Know What The F*ck He’s Doing

Olbermann: Germany Has Replaced Us Because Trump Doesn’t Know What The F*ck He’s Doing

In his latest YouTube video for GQ, Keith Olbermann launched a blistering attack on President-elect Donald Trump. As part of his ‘Resistance’ series, Olbermann accused Trump of endangering the world and reducing the United States’ place in it.

“We have elected an idiot,” Olbermann said. “In the complex international relations that, like it or not, keep the world from blowing itself up every afternoon, Trump has just proved he has no earthly clue what the fuck he is doing.”

Olbermann accused Trump of giving ‘aid and comfort to our Russian enemies’ as Russia’s Vladimir Putin attempts to re-establish his country as a great power. “He has undermined this nation’s status as the only enforcer left on the side of human rights and he has screwed up … nearly four decades of diplomacy,” Olbermann said.

Olbermann attacked Trump for playing into Russia’s hands by jeopardizing the relationship between China and the US. He warned that China would not always be there to assist America if a new threat arose from North Korea and then he drew attention to an overlooked news story about a Wikileaks dump concerning Germany.

“Germany,” Olbermann said. “And the German president [sic] Angela Merkel ahead of Germany’s upcoming elections. Germany, which since Trump’s election by a minority of our voters has already taken our place as the leading democracy in the world and the only western power able or willing to stand up against the passive aggressive world war that Russia has been waging for several years, now with the aid and comfort of President-elect Donald Bumbling Amateur Putin Puppet Fucking Trump.”

You can watch below.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.