Keith Olbermann Slams Donald Trump’s First Address: You Get Nothing From Us

Olbermann responded to Trump's YouTube address to the nation

Keith Olbermann has responded to President-elect Donald Trump’s first address to the nation since the election. In his newest YouTube video for ‘The Resistance’, Olbermann criticized Trump’s call for unity and blamed Trump for the divisions in the country.

“Donald John Trump: the first ever president-elect to begin to try to monetize the presidency and privatize functions of the government and to fill his cabinet with the crew of a pirate ship,” Olbermann said. “Donald John Trump, the first ever president-elect to insist an election he won was still rigged against him. Donald John Trump, the first ever president-elect who is a classless guy’s idea of real classy.”

Olbermann criticized the media for not responding properly to Trump’s false claim that ‘million’ voted illegally and offered the official ‘Resistance response. Olbermann showed clips from Trump’s YouTube speech and responded to it line by line. He called it ‘the official Resistance response to President-elect Pussy Grabber’s Pettysburg Address.’

Trump called on the country to come together following the divisive election season. His YouTube speech talked about America as a ‘home’ where people helped their neighbors. Trump called on ‘our entire nation’ to join him in a new campaign to improve the country.

“The entire nation?” Olbermann said. “Including the majority of this nation who voted for somebody besides you? Including the plurality of this nation who voted for Hillary Clinton and not for you? All of us, including those of us you have derided in victory as ‘badly defeated’? You get nothing from us. You made this bed and then you lit it on fire. Best of luck.”

You can watch below.

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.

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