‘Flynn Facts’: Trump’s National Security Adviser Has A History Of Bending The Truth

‘Flynn Facts’: Trump’s National Security Adviser Has A History Of Bending The Truth

Donald Trump has chosen retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn as his national security adviser, a key position that does not require Congressional approval. Flynn will be Trump’s right hand man on foreign and defense policy -a position held by Karl Rove during George W. Bush’s presidency.

But Lt. Gen. Flynn has a questionable relationship with the truth. While he was Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Flynn’s subordinates routinely dealt with untruths from their boss. It was so common for Flynn to make things up that his staff invented a term for his lies – ‘Flynn Facts‘.

Flynn left his job at the Defense Intelligence Agency after reports of conflicts between him and his superiors. Though he was nominated to the position by President Barack Obama, Flynn’s leadership style was apparently disorganized. Since Flynn was know for embracing unusual positions, it is not surprising his superiors questioned his ability to lead the agency.

Flynn has said that Islam is not a religion but is, in fact, a political ideology hiding behind a religion. He has called Islam ‘a malignant cancer’ and claimed Sharia law was spreading throughout the United States. He also said on Twitter that fear of Muslims was ‘rational’.

Trump’s national security adviser will be highly influence on US foreign policy. Commentators fear that Flynn believes America is at war with Islam and he has embraced a worldview advanced by Osama Bin Laden – that there is a war of religions and cultures that is a zero sum game.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.