Jon Stewart And Sam Bee Get Together And Try To Get Over The Election

Many people are still not ready to accept the result

Samantha Bee tried to explain Donald Trump’s election victory last night. Toward the end of her Full Frontal, Bee tried to get past the habit of apportioning blame for Hillary Clinton’s defeat. She was joined by veteran late night host Jon Stewart, who was much calmber about the result.

“Right now there are’s a lot of blaming going on,” Bee said. “Bernie supporters blaming Democrats for nominating Hillary, Hillary supporters blaming the Bernie campaign for damaging their candidate, the media blaming Hillary for blaming the media.”

“But I think we all know who’s fault it is,” she continued. “The Jews, obviously. Damn you Jon!” She was referring to an article published just after the election that claimed if Jon Stewart were still hosting The Daily Show, Clinton might have won the election.

As the credits rolled, the camera moved to Jon Stewart sitting on steps and singing to himself. Stewart was coloring a Thanksgiving turkey in a coloring book and seemed completely relaxed about the outcome of the election and President-elect Trump.

Watch below.


Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.

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