Michael Moore: Progressives Must Take Over The Democratic Party To Beat Donald Trump

Michael Moore hasn't lost hope following Donald Trump's victory
Source: salon.com

Filmmaker and author Michael Moore warned liberals before the election that Donald Trump’s support was underestimated. Now that he’s been proven right, he hasn’t lost hope for the progressive cause in America. In an interview on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, Moore outlined what he thinks the Democrats must do to beat Trump.

“The progressive wing has to take over the party.  The pundits are already fired, the table is empty,” Moore told Lemon. So all the people who got it wrong they are gone.  And we have to stop listening to them.  But liberals and progressives have got to understand, they are the majority. We are the majority of this country.”

“The American people agree with us on every single issue, whether it’s equal pay for women, climate change, death penalty, pro-choice, go down the whole list now.  The majority of Americans are progressive and liberal even if they don’t call themselves that.”

Moore was not as downhearted as many other Hillary Clinton supporters but he also acknowledged that a Trump presidency was bad news for progressive causes. “A lot of people have given up” Moore said. “I mean, they really – you know, there’s people who probably aren’t watching this because they can’t afford basic cable.  People are living paycheck to paycheck, and I know a lot of people  – a lot of people around where I live, they’ve just said the hell with the whole thing.”

Moore told Don Lemon that Trump had essentially swindled people out of their vote but Democrats should have seen it coming. ” I mean, this is a popular TV star.  And he has manipulated people with so much B.S., such a con job to my friends who lost their jobs in the factories in Michigan,” Moore said. “And he goes there and he said, I’m going to put a tariff on their cars in Mexico and he manipulates this and people were buying it.  And it’s — it’s — I don’t know. It’s very sad.”

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.

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