Keith Olbermann Blasts ‘F*cking Trump Lies’ Less Than 24 Hours Before The Election

Olbermann has one last chance to warn voters against Donald Trump

The 2016 presidential election is tomorrow and Keith Olbermann has spent the last few weeks outlining the case against Donald Trump. In a series of YouTube videos for GQ magazine, Olbermann has called Trump a dangerous fascist and a liar who must be stopped.

In his latest video posted today, with less than 24 hours before polling opens in all 50 states, Olbermann pointed out lies Trump and his campaign have told over the last week. He began by explaining how Trump’s campaign chief and former head of had been discussing a speech with other advisers when his pants literally caught fire. Olbermann thought it was an appropriate metaphor for Trump’s dishonest campaign.

“Trump, your campaign, you and everything around you are simply a lie,” Olbermann said. “Another lie. Another fucking Trump lie.” Olbermann explained how FBI Director James Comey’s letter about Hillary Clinton’s emails was “the worst attempt to throw the election by a government agency” since 1968, while his second letter was “an attempt to save Comey’s ass.”

Olbermann said that Trump lied about President Obama’s treatment of a pro-Trump protester. Obama told the Democratic crowd to respect the man and his rights but Trump told his own supporters that Obama had shouted at the man and that it was ‘a disgrace’.

“A lie!” Olbermann said. “Another lie. Another fucking Trump lie.” Olbermann accused Trump of lying about a protester at one of his rallies holding a ‘Republicans against Trump’ sign and the false claim that it was an assassination attempt. “Somebody in your crowd says ‘Gun’ – a lie. Another lie. Another fucking Trump lie. There was no gun just a guy with a sign getting beaten up by your crowd.”

“This weekend, Trump, was an unintentional and almost complete preview of what a Trump presidency would be like,” Olbermann said. “You and your little fascist friends like Rudy Giuliani manipulating the levers of government to try win elections, presenting to everyone a universe designed to replace truth with imaginary menaces and phony assassination attempts and political prosecutions and the demonizing of criticism and the insane defiance of reality.”


Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.
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