Keith Olbermann Compares Donald Trump’s Campaign To The Rise Of Hitler

Olbermann offers a history lesson

With six days to go before the 2016 presidential election, Keith Olbermann is reminding voters of the risks of electing Donald Trump. In his latest YouTube video for GQ, Olbermann compared Trump directly to Adolf Hitler. Olbermann sees chilling parallels between Trump and the Nazi dictator.

Olbermann mentioned his German ancestry and wondered how it might have felt for the average German watching the gradual rise of Adolf Hitler. Olbermann wondered how his distant German relatives felt to see a fringe political movement become more and more powerful.

“What would it be like to watch a man laughed at more than feared, spewing bizarre but hardly earth-shattering invective year after year in the shadowy corners and then to see him in real time and in my native language double down on his rhetoric and hate and convoluted revenge fantasies and triple down on them and quadruple down and quintuple?” Olbermann asked.

“What would it be like to see and hear in your own language and own time the hate in which the man trafficked and the power he sought to usurp become part of your daily life?” Olbermann said. “What would it be like to hear a demagogue, a monster in the making, campaigning for office and promising to disband opposition parties, and jail the opposing candidate?”

Olbermann went through a series of Trump’s actions, including his expulsion of an African-American supporter from one of his rallies because he mistook him for a protester. Olbermann contrasted the rise of Hitler, from lunatic fringe to the horror of the Third Reich, with Trump’s rallies and rhetoric.

“What was it like to see my country devolve and deteriorate into mindless, soulless cult worship?” Olbermann said. “Thanks to Donald Trump, I am getting the chance to find out.”

You can watch below.

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.
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