Donald Trump In 2009: I Didn’t Vote For ‘Dimwit’ George W. Bush

Donald Trump In 2009: I Didn’t Vote For ‘Dimwit’ George W. Bush

It is well known that Donald Trump was not always a Republican. New audio revealed by CNN shows Trump in 2009 openly mocking and criticizing George W. Bush. Trump has claimed he was against the Iraq War, which was led by the Bush administration.

Trump gave an interview to Don Imus in 2009 where they discussed George W. Bush. Imus told Trump that he had not voted for Bush, who ran for the White House successfully in 2000 and 2004. “I never voted for him. I never voted for him, Donald,” Imus told Trump.

“You’re good, then,” Trump said. “I didn’t either, by the way. You’re good. I just thought that guy was a dimwit. You looked at it, and he just didn’t look like he was all there. You look at his eyes, I mean he’d make a speech and you’d look at him and you’d say, ‘Does he even know what he’s reading?’ This guy, he was a horrible president.”

Trump told Bill O’Reilly in 2005 that he had voted for Bush. The 2009 interview contradicts what Trump told O’Reilly and calls into question Trump’s honesty and political loyalty yet again. The GOP has avoided mentioning President Bush during this election season.

If Trump did not vote for Bush in 2000 or 2004, he may have voted for the Democrat in those elections. Trump has bragged about donating to both Republicans and Democrats but voting for a Democratic presidential candidate is a step further than some mainstream Republicans could accept.


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.