Keith Olbermann Wonders How We’d Handle Trump If He Were An Invader

Keith Olbermann Wonders How We’d Handle Trump If He Were An Invader

Keith Olbermann has used his YouTube videos for GQ to outline what he sees as the threat Donald Trump poses to American democracy. He’s claimed Trump’s refusal to accept the outcome of the election is close to treason and even said Trump’s immigration ideas would lead to concentration camps.

In his most recent video, Olbermann asks his viewers to imagine how Americans would react if Trump were a foreign invader who was going to try and conquer the country on election day, rather than running for the White House.

“Imagine if we were not two weeks and one day from a presidential election but rather two weeks and one day away from a threatened invasion by a foreign cult figure of some kind,” Olbermann said. “Imagine if that foreign invader intended to take over control of our government and had already declared that when he did so he intended to remove 11 million people who lived here, which would require putting them first in camps.”

Olbermann once again listed the many things Donald Trump has said, from a ban on Muslims entering the US to suing newspapers that print stories he doesn’t like. Olbermann tried to imagine how a foreign leader who had Trump’s ties to Vladimir Putin would be viewed in America.

“Imagine if all that was what we faced two weeks from tomorrow,” Olbermann said. “It truly interested hard to do because that is exactly what we do face two weeks from tomorrow.”

You can watch below.


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.