Keith Olbermann: Republicans Must Force Donald Trump Out Of The Race

Olbermann is pulling no punches on the dangers he sees in Donald Trump

Keith Olbermann wasn’t surprised watching last night’s debate when Donald Trump refused to say he would accept the results of the election if he loses. Olbermann has pointed out Trump’s attacks on the legitimacy of the democratic process before but in his newest video for GQ Olbermann has called on the Republican Party to act against their candidate.

Olbermann quoted Trump’s answer in the last night’s debate to a question about the legitimacy of the election. Trump said he would wait and see on election night and refused a second opportunity to say he would accept defeat. “[Trump’s answer] shakes every one of our freedoms,” Olbermann said. “It mocks every dead American soldier. It spits at every sacrifice made under our flag. It has no comparison – not to Al Gore, not to Samuel Tilden, not to Andrew Jackson. It foments revolution.”

Olbermann called Trump’s refusal to accept the election ‘the moral equivalent of treason’. “Donald Trump is not invested in democracy. Donald Trump is not invested in our Constitution. Donald Trump is not invested in America. Donald Trump is not invested in preventing people from being killed on the streets after an election like this were a third world police state.”

“This is now about the Republican Party and its responsibility to the democracy, and its responsibility to the Constitution and its responsibility to America,” Olbermann said. Speaking directly to the GOP leadership, Olbermann said “If you do not act against him, you will be blamed for him and you will fall with him. This is bigger than who is the next president, or who is the next RNC chair or who is the next Speaker of the House. This is our democracy imperiled from within.”

You can watch below.


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Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.