Donald Trump Is Why America’s Elections Are So Annoyingly Long

Donald Trump Is Why America’s Elections Are So Annoyingly Long

The presidential candidacy of Donald Trump is exactly the reason why American presidential elections are so annoyingly long: it only took a year and a half for a comfortable majority of Americans to realize Donald Trump is an emotionally unstable and terribly personalitied human being unfit for the office of the President of the United States.

Donald Trump has run the most bigoted campaign in modern American memory, and it certainly has been the most fascist. It arguably has been the most racist and sexist as well. Finally the election is almost upon us, and Trump is losing by at least seven points in the popular vote (which is well beyond the polling’s margin of error) and is losing by a landslide in the electoral college.

Meanwhile, Trump just lost his third consecutive debate, and will likely suffer in the polls further for his ongoing pledge to delegitimize America’s democracy by not accepting what is increasingly likely an inevitable loss to Hillary Clinton.

Election 2016 is simple: Clinton is more qualified than Trump, visibly smarter than Trump, and undeniably steadier psychologically and emotionally.

Trump is also an accused sexual predator who has seemingly incriminated himself with the recent leak of his 2005 “Grab them by the pussy” live mic remarks to Billy Bush, in which he bragged about his sexual predatory behavior. Yikes.

Trump is categorically unfit, and thankfully America’s election has been long enough for America to realize it.

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Levi Olson

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