Would President Trump Abandon Israel Like He Will NATO?

Would President Trump Abandon Israel Like He Will NATO?

In tonight’s debate Donald Trump ought to be quizzed on his support for Israel.

Trump has previously suggested that if elected president he would cut funding for NATO allies in Eastern Europe—who are fearful of Russia’s current domineering foreign policy—and would instead offer mercenary-like assistance if they contributed more to their own defense spending.

Trump’s isolationist vision of American foreign policy has alarmed European nations, who have been America’s Article 5, ride-or-die NATO blood brothers for the last 70 years. But it begs the question of whether or not Trump would give Israel the same deal.

Israel is the Republican Party’s most sacred ally, mostly because of a Christian belief that Jesus Christ can only return while the Jewish people possess their Biblical lands. As a show of friendship, America recently gave Israel a no-strings-attached gift of $38 billion over the next ten years to boost its military. This is the kind of bad deal-making that Trump routinely trashes on the campaign trail. Reminder, Trump has referenced to himself in the past as the “most fabulous winner.”

However, Trump’s cavalier attitude about foreign policy might be why Hillary Clinton is winning 61% of the Jewish vote. Another reason is probably because of the Trump campaign’s suspected anti-semitism.

In tonight’s debate about foreign policy, Fox News’ Chris Wallace ought to ask Trump how committed he is to Israel.

Levi Olson

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