John Oliver: We Are Buried Alive In The Horror That Is This Election

John Oliver: We Are Buried Alive In The Horror That Is This Election

Last Week Tonight turned its focus on to the presidential election again last night and John Oliver reserved his outrage for Donald Trump. Oliver criticized Trump’s reactions to women accusing him of sexual assault and he suspected there was similar rhetoric to come.

“We are in a coffin,” Oliver joked. “And we are buried alive in the horror that is this election.” Oliver said we should expect Trump’s starling rhetoric because the Republican candidate has claimed ‘the shackles are off’ since many high profile GOP leaders backed away from him. “Yes, the shackles are off, which is actually an apt metaphor as it calls to mind both Frankenstein’s monster and a rabid dog,” Oliver said.

Oliver said that since he tapes the show at 6pm, there are many crazy things Trump might say before taping, including claiming ‘It’s not rape if it happens on a yacht’. But Oliver focused on Trump’s latest claim that Hillary Clinton is literally plotting with banks to destroy America.

“Holy shit! That is not the kind of thing that a presidential candidate says,” Oliver said, mocking Trump’s slow and deliberate tone. “It’s the kind of thing that a man in a tinfoil hat screams inside his concrete bunker because he thinks his soup cans have been bugged by the lizard people in the White House.”

Oliver wondered if Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was looking ahead to her ‘tell-all trial at the Hague’ before turning to Trump’s claims that the election is rigged and will be stolen from him. “Faith in fair elections and in peaceful transfer of power are essential foundations for a democracy and undermining them is like asking why one of those giant eagles didn’t just fly Frodo all the way to Mordor in The Lord of the Rings. If enough people start thinking that way, the whole thing kind of falls apart.”

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.