Keith Olbermann: Trump Is Like ‘Mr. Smith’s Evil Twin Goes To Washington’

Keith Olbermann: Trump Is Like ‘Mr. Smith’s Evil Twin Goes To Washington’

Keith Olbermann thinks Donald Trump’s campaign is going into meltdown. In a YouTube video for GQ, Olbermann explained how Trump was trying to use diversions to distract from his controversies and campaign troubles.

Olbermann described Trump’s recent behavior as a ‘four day long temper filibuster’ only interrupted by Trump calling on people to turn out to vote on November 28th, 20 days after the presidential election. “If you’re voting on November 28th, I say vote for Donald Trump,” Olbermann said. “What the hell is wrong with this guy?”

Olbermann mocked Trump’s need to distract from his obvious mistake. “Many Trump could attack a prominent Republican, like Mike Pence,” Olbermann said. “Maybe Trump could say Bill Clinton had an affair with Nancy Odell. Maybe Trump could claim that he is being appalled by that tape on which Hillary Clinton is heard coarse sexual language about women in a conversation with Billy Bush. Because those are about all we are missing from the Trump meltdown.”

Olbermann explained that Trump had had ‘tweet storms’ and ‘rages’ in the past but “This one has taken on a kind of Mr. Smith’s evil twin goes to Washington quality. It has gone deeper and deeper into a kind of campaign psychosis and yet it is being treated as if it were some kind of campaign strategy.”

The rest of the video was devoted to Trump’s attacks on Republicans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain. Olbermann believes Trump’s new strategy only makes sense to Trump himself. Addressing Trump directly, Olbermann said, “Get some help. See a doctor. Do some meditation. Take a brief leave of absence. Read a book on 10 quick steps to a healthier mind. Do something.”

You can watch the video below.


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.