Keith Olbermann Judges Trump’s Debates: A Sniffling, Nitwitted Would-Be Dictator

Keith Olbermann Judges Trump’s Debates: A Sniffling, Nitwitted Would-Be Dictator

Donald Trump has made many people say the word ‘pussy’ in public over the last week and Keith Olbermann is the latest. In a new video for his YouTube commentary for GQ Olbermann assessed Trump’s debate performance and found 30 bizarre statements.

A clearly frustrated Olbermann went through the statements he found questionable, including Trump’s lying about telling his Twitter followers to check out a non-existent sex tape featuring former Miss Universe Alicia Machado and his repeated interruptions of “Wrong!” Then Olbermann got into the meat of the debates.

“Asked about [the Access Hollywood tape], the ‘grab them by the pussy’ sex tape, [Trump] said it was ‘locker room talk’ five times,” Olbermann said. “‘Locker room talk!’ Because all locker rooms feature two men wearing microphones in a bus while they know they are being video taped for a television show.”

Olbermann mocked Trump for moving from the his sexual comments to discussing ISIS. “He segwayed from ‘grab them by the pussy’ to ‘chop off their heads’!” Olbermann said. Then Olbermann brought up the sniffing. Trump sniffed throughout the first and second debate.

“After doing it throughout the first debate, he sniffed at least 80 – sniff – times in – sniff – the second – sniff – debate. – sniff – alone,” Olbermann said. “He was so loud he was just this side of Darth Vader.” But Olbermann was particularly confused by Melania Trump wearing a pussy bow shirt to the second debate.

“Pussy bow! The woman wore a pussy bow to the event at which her husband was trying to get people to stop thinking about pussy,” Olbermann said. “And if all this bullshit is not bad enough, worst of all, worse of all this sniffling, sniveling, pacing, threatening, preening, bullying, nitwitted, bullying would-be dictator made it necessary for me to find out what a pussy bow silk crepe de chine shirt is!”

You can watch the video below.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.