Should We Be Expecting More Donald Trump Sexual Assault Stories?

Should We Be Expecting More Donald Trump Sexual Assault Stories?

Should we be expecting a sudden surge in Donald Trump sexual harassment stories?

Trump has painstakingly built a professional brand as a womanizer, having spent the 70s, 80s and 90s calling into media organizations as “John Barron” to spread up rumors about himself and his alleged success with women—which is really weird considering that Trump ultimately named his youngest and probably last (?) child “Barron.” Do I need to to have a degree in psychology to call out the clues to Trump’s egomania?

Trump’s latest controversy of having boasted in a live-mic incident of his talent in using his fame to sexually advance on women even if they were married is certainly an amusing karmic intervention, courtesy of 2005. Trump claimed that he can “grab them by the pussy.” And this is the guy currently dominating the evangelical vote. Yikes for everyone involved!

“Yikes” has lately become a punctuation mark for sentences regarding Trump’s terrible personality, and my latest Trumpian yikes is deserved because he admitted he commits sexual assault. Donald Trump is a fan of every sin, but by God his biggest sin is his vanity’s utter hubris.

However, I suspect that this sexual assault controversy is not over yet. Perhaps it is just beginning, because, unless Trump was lying to Billy Bush and exaggerating his sexual prowess, I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising if stories of Trump practicing his “grab them by the pussy” strategy on non-consenting women started leaking to the press. A few have trickled in already (there’s also a simultaneous case developing that alleges Trump raped a 13-year-old girl —yikes, yikes, yikes!).

This is a fair suggestion, right? After all, Trump frequently waxes poetic about his honesty. So if Trump was telling the truth to Billy Bush, he has likely sexually assaulted a lot of women over the years, right? A politician, especially one running for president, deserves to be taken at his word, so if Trump was just bluffing his sex-offending success to Billy Bush he should come clean and admit that he was lying, right? And if Trump doesn’t stop humble-bragging about his honesty, we have to assume he really is a frequent sex-offender, right?

The most damning part of this hopefully campaign-sinking scandal, whether Trump is a creepy sex offender or not, is that his comments were recorded only a few months after his marriage to Melania Trump. Yikes.

This guy has a terrible, terrible personality. The Republican Party needs to torpedo its presidential candidate, asap.

Levi Olson

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