Stephen Colbert Calls Donald Trump A “Coward” And “Chicken” For Avoiding His Show

Stephen Colbert Calls Donald Trump A “Coward” And “Chicken” For Avoiding His Show

While speaking to SiriusXM’s Bill Carter, comedian and talk show host Stephen Colbert laid into the GOP nominee.

Noting that he’d love a chance to “get a bite of that apple,” Colbert said that Donald Trump would not appear on The Late Show because “he’s a coward.” Speaking to Carter in an interview that will air in its entirety on Monday, the former Colbert Report host said he would have Trump on “tomorrow” but knows that he won’t come on due to him being “chicken.”

Trump did make an appearance on the program last September when he was still one of 17 GOP presidential candidates. At that point, while he was up in the polls, there was still a belief that he’d fall off once votes were cast and the race became more serious.  Since then, Trump did call into the show in February, but that’s been it when it comes to the CBS late-night staple.

According to Politico, Colbert also told Carter that he doesn’t think Jimmy Fallon should be getting a ton of shit over his lighthearted interview with Trump earlier this month when he tussled the real estate mogul’s man.


“I think the host has this obligation – to be honest with their audience,” Colbert said. “And you have to go with your honest instincts. My honest instinct is to ask at least one question of some kind of substance with your guest. Even if the person is there only to push something that is not substantive. Even like the First Lady – I had one question that I really wanted to ask….We had a lovely time together, and I just wanted to ask…does she have any sympathy for Melania Trump for being in a situation where you end up being called out for plagiarism. And that’s all I required for me to enjoy that interview and to feel that I had served my own curiosity there. But for me I have to do that with every person who represents a political idea. But that’s not every host’s responsibility. Every host’s responsibility is to be honest with themselves and with their audience about the kind of show that they do. So I fault no host who acts consistently and honestly. And I know what you’re talking about, but I didn’t actually see it. But I don’t entirely understand the furor about it.”


Now, the countdown begins over when Trump will send a tweet about how Colbert is a third-rate loser whose ratings are in the tank.

Below is an audio clip from Colbert’s interview with Carter:



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