Howard Dean Ain’t Apologizing For Wondering If Trump Was Doing All The Coke Last Night

Howard Dean Ain’t Apologizing For Wondering If Trump Was Doing All The Coke Last Night

Certainly, former Vermont Governor and one-time Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean wasn’t the only one thinking it Monday night, but was obviously the most high-profile one to tweet it.

During the first presidential debate, Dean sent out the following tweet in regards to Donald Trump’s constant sniffling:



Well, as you could imagine, it naturally took off, especially considering it came from the ex-chair of the DNC. Dean appeared on MSNBC, where he’s a contributor, Tuesday afternoon to discuss the debate and his comment. Host Kate Snow tried in vain to give him every opportunity to walk it back and offer up an apology. But Dean wouldn’t budge.

Instead, he said that not only was Trump’s constant sniffling one of the tell-tale signs of cocaine use, but the GOP nominee’s behavior also meant the speculation was valid.

“Well, you can’t make a diagnosis over the television and I would never do that, but he had some interesting…that is, actually, a signature of people who use cocaine. I’m not suggesting that Trump does, but…I’m suggesting we think about itSo, he sniffs during the presentation — which is something users do — but he also has grandiosity, which is something that also accompanies that problem. He has delusions — I’m not talking about being crazy, but for example, when he told everybody he thinks it’s smart not to pay taxes, then denied he said it after he said it in front of a hundred million people.

It’s not that he’s delusionary about it, he thinks somehow he won’t get caught. That is delusional.”

Dean kept on saying he didn’t think Trump had a coke habit. And then would go on and explain how the real estate mogul’s behavior indicated that maybe, perhaps, sorta, probably Trump was doing lines backstage.

Snow brought up how Dean and other Democrats were pretty pissed off over the Trump campaign’s pushing of conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health and asked him if this wasn’t the same thing. Dean, in full-on troll mode, gave this hilarious response:

“I don’t think this is a ridiculous idea. Something funny was going on with Trump last night. Do I think it was cocaine? Probably not, but again — the sniffling, the grandiosity, the delusions, the pressured speech? This guy’s already proven himself to be unstable, so why is he unstable?”

Is this a really bad idea by Dean? Yeah, probably. But it is also kinda fun to watch someone turn the tables on Trump and his InfoWars gang when it comes to this tin-foil hat stuff.

Below is video of the exchange, courtesy of MSNBC:


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Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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