Seth Meyers Mocks Donald Trump’s Glee About NYC Bomb: Did He Want Credit For It?

Meyers questioned Trump's temperament on issues like terrorism

Seth Meyers last night wondered why Donald Trump was so happy to report a bomb in New York City. The Republican candidate said that a bomb had been found before police officially confirmed it and when it turned out his speculation was correct, he appeared to congratulate himself.

“You can’t say the words, ‘A bomb went off in New York’ if the next thing you say is, ‘Nobody knows what’s going on,’” Meyers said. “Are you a presidential candidate or the old lady who lives across the hall from me?” Meyers acknowledged Trump was right about the bomb “which means he totally wants credit.”

“I don’t think you get how being a newscaster works. Newscasters don’t ‘call the news’ before it happens,” Meyers said. “Every Fourth of July President Trump will probably tweet, ‘We’re under attack!! Kill yourselves!!’” Meyers then wondered how Trump actually planned to defeat ISIS by saying the word ‘win’ so many times.

“And when asked to defend his temperament, Trump answered by using the word ‘win’ nine times in less than 15 seconds,” Meyers said. Trump also claimed he wins at sports. “What does that have to do with ISIS? And what sport does Donald Trump win at, anyway? Dude can barely stand up without a death grip on the podium. He uses that thing like Nana uses her walker.”

You can watch a clip below.

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.

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