Why It’s A Big Deal That Poppy Bush Is Breaking Ranks With GOP To Vote For Hillary

Why It’s A Big Deal That Poppy Bush Is Breaking Ranks With GOP To Vote For Hillary

Why is it such big news that former President George H.W. Bush will be voting for Hillary Clinton?

Well, historically, it’s always been taboo for any member of the GOP to break ranks and vote for a Democratic presidential candidate.  It’s news because supporting a non-Republican, who is infinitely more qualified and a hell-of-a-lot less scary—has been pretty rare in the 2016 campaign, with Party minions most critical of Donald Trump eventually falling inline.

Most members of the GOP will hold their noses and vote for Trump just because he managed to sleaze his way into getting their Party’s nomination—not because he has the experience, temperament, intelligence or gravitas to be POTUS.

Indeed, looking at the logic of voting for the candidate who would most likely alienate other nations—including Iran and the Middle East; antagonize ISIS, pour gasoline on hotspots around the globe and risk starting world war III—it would seem that more Republicans with even an ounce of integrity in their souls would reject such a potential catastrophe.

The very fact that Trump is best buds with ex-KGB Russian President Vladimir Putin should pucker even the most fortified war hawk Republican colons.

Donald Trump has proven that a bloviating liar, tax cheater, birther provocateur, misogynist and unambiguous Charlton can carnival bark his way into winning the hearts of enough fellow bigots to be where he currently stands in one of the most important elections in US history.

Breaking away from the tradition of ideology-driven voting, should be the responsibility of every US citizen in this vital process.  It should be more important to protect and safeguard the standards of freedom that America represents; the future of the planet and upcoming generations.

But it may be a safe bet and well-kept secret that even those Republicans who acquiesce to vote for Trump…secretly hope that Clinton wins.

What do you say, Rep. Paul Ryan?

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Delilah Jean Williams

Delilah Jean Williams

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