Donald Trump Confuses Birthers By Disowning Them In One Sentence

Donald Trump Confuses Birthers By Disowning Them In One Sentence

For all those who have been on the Birther conspiracy theory bandwagon for nearly 8 years, you have just been dumped. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump needed only one sentence to change his mind about President Barack Obama’s place of birth and declared him an American.

During a televised statement on Friday, Donald Trump said, “President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period.”

Yet admitting that he no longer believed in his own conspiracy theory was not enough. He also blamed Hillary Clinton for starting the whole thing, which of course is not true either.

As Mother Jones points out:

Hillary Clinton did not allege that the president was born in Kenya. Trump did not compel Obama to release his birth certificate “when others had not”—Obama had already released a copy of his birth certificate, but critics, including Trump, believed it to be a fake.

So Obama released a longer birth certificate in 2011—but that release did not bring “closure” to the issue. Instead, Trump called it a forgery, citing “Israeli science,” and announced that he was sending a team of investigators to Hawaii to uncover the truth. He suggested that a Hawaiian health official who knew of the cover-up had died in suspicious circumstances.

So where does this leave the millions of low information GOP voters who have been spending money buying Birther t-shirts and books and god knows what else for years? Apparently, Mr. Trump no longer cares, and perhaps he never did.

It’s hard to say if Trump’s end to Birtherism will alienate any of his loyal followers, or if they will continue to support him because they believe him to be ‘authentic.’ In this election year, anything is possible.


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Maryann Tobin

Maryann Tobin

Maryann Tobin is a political junkie and animal rights advocate. She won the Allvoices American Pundit Award for her reporting on the 2012 elections, and believes that if people can stand on line to buy junk food, they should also be able to stand on line to vote. Tobin is the author of "Afterlife: The Journey of a Dog's Spirit" available on