Trump To Working Class: ” I’m Working Harder Also, So I Don’t Feel Sorry For Any Of You”

Trump To Working Class: ” I’m Working Harder Also, So I Don’t Feel Sorry For Any Of You”

Republican nominee Donald Trump had a busy day Wednesday. He filmed an episode of The Dr. OZ Show to discuss his personal health. He traveled to Flint to get chastised by a black pastor for trying to use her church’s pulpit to slam Hillary Clinton. And to end the day, the GOP nominee made his way to Ohio for a rally where he went Trump After Dark, rather than Teleprompter Trump.

The Canton speech was full of asides and jokes. The real estate mogul snarked that Hillary couldn’t stand on stage for an hour and do what he was doing, referencing her health. (Nevermind that Clinton has withstood an 11-hour Benghazi hearing that would’ve made Trump bawl and regularly gives hour-plus speeches.) He also made a joke about Flint’s water in comparison to Mexico, which was obviously in very good taste.

At one point, the former reality TV star was discussing wage stagnation, stating that real wages haven’t risen for the working and middle class since 1998. (Of course, he’s saying this in the heels of a report that shows poverty has fallen and median incomes raised over 5% in the past year.) While commenting that many people are working harder for less money, Trump then said he had no sympathy for his working-class base because he’s been working harder lately.

“Me, I’m working harder also, so I don’t feel sorry for any of you. It’s true. You think this is easy?”

Of course, he got chuckles from the crowd, so it was all worth it. But realize just how far we’ve come through the looking glass with this election.

A celebrity billionaire from New York most known for yelling “You’re Fired!” has somehow made himself the champion of the working-class. This is despite the fact that he was born into wealth, ripped off hard-working people with numerous scams like Trump University and refuses to release his tax returns. But, because he scapegoats immigrants, minorities and Muslims, white folks in the ‘heartland’ love him because he’s going to Make America White Again.

And this is why he can get away with saying shit like this without it crashing his campaign. This is who he is. He cares only about himself and sees things only through the prism of how things impact Trump. But due to his unconcealed xenophobia, racism and Islamophobia, along with the fact that most Republicans will stick with him no matter what even if he disgusts them, he’s going to get more than 40% of the vote.

Below is video of his comment:


Justin Baragona

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