“Oh! My Luggage!” Ben Carson Flees During Live CNN Interview To Find His Bags

Ben Carson doing Ben Carson things.

Whenever your day is getting you down, just know Dr. Ben Carson will always be around to give you a chuckle.

As Donald Trump’s personal Black Experience escort during his Getting To Know The Blacks 2016 World Tour, Carson was showing the GOP nominee his old Detroit haunting grounds on Saturday. In front of his old home, The good doctor was interviewed by CNN’s Jeremy Diamond.

For the first minute, the conversation was humming along normally, well, as normally as a conversation with Ben Carson can go. Then suddenly, right after Diamond asked Carson what he thought Trump took away from the visit, Carson shouts, “Oh! My luggage!” And he leaves Diamond holding his dick in his hands.

The CNN reporter was able to fake his way on live TV for a bit, recapping the day’s events, before Carson magically reappeared and acted like nothing happened. He then spoke with Diamond for a few more minutes.

Ben Carson, don’t ever, ever, EVER change.

Below is video of the entire interview, courtesy of CNN:



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