Jeffrey Lord: Mark Burns Is Getting Attacked For Lying Because He Left “The Plantation”

Jeffrey Lord: Mark Burns Is Getting Attacked For Lying Because He Left “The Plantation”

And Donald Trump wonders why he’s only polling somewhere between zero and two percent with African-Americans.

On the morning of Trump’s big visit to a black church in Detroit, where he’ll do a taped interview with Bishop Wayne T. Jackson with pre-screened questions and scripted answers, one of his biggest sycophants came to the defense of a surrogate who was busted for lying. CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord, the network’s OG Trumpkin, spoke to host Victor Blackwell shortly after CNN aired Blackwell’s already notorious interview with Pastor Mark Burns and, in typical Lord fashion, somehow made things worse for Burns and Trump.

After showing a clip of Burns calling Hillary Clinton a liar, Blackwell asked Lord if the pastor could continue to credibly make that case considering he’s been caught falsifying his bio. Lord, as he is wont to do, made a false equivalency about Al Sharpton and Clinton, claiming that Sharpton is accused of not paying some taxes (citing a Daily Caller piece) and wondering if that should reflect on Hillary.

Blackwell noted that Sharpton is not a surrogate for Clinton, or any candidate for that matter. Lord’s response was that Hillary went hat in hand asking for the reverend’s support, so totally the same as Burns and Trump. Switching from that bit of confused logic, the CNN commentator then said that the only reason the good pastor was getting attacked is that he’s a black conservative who had the temerity to leave the Democratic Party’s plantation. Yes, he really said that.



Now, this is far from the only time Lord has equated the Democratic Party with slavery or racism. He’s made the case on CNN’s airwaves multiple times that the Democratic Party is home to the KKK and that they were the party of slavery. Of course, he conveniently ignores the fact that there was a seismic shift between the GOP and Democratic Party more than 50 years ago over civil rights, with the Dixiecrats flipping to the Republican Party and black voters flocking to the Democrats.

Sadly, fellow panelist Marc Lamont Hill was unable to fully refute everything Lord said as Blackwell noted that they had to devote more time to the breaking news of the earthquake in Oklahoma. Therefore, once again, Lord’s racist bullshit was left to stand without much pushback.

Justin Baragona

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