Nowhere To Go But Up! Trump’s Popularity With Black Voters Sitting At Zero Percent

According to the latest survey by Public Policy Polling, 97% of African-American voters have an unfavorable view of Trump and 3% are not sure.

Earlier in the day Monday, Public Policy Polling teased about their new national survey findings on Twitter, stating they would be released to the public on Tuesday. This meant it was pretty much a given that Rachel Maddow would be given the results so she could have a big, breaking EXCLUSIVE on her show Monday evening. And that is exactly what happened.

While the top-line results were pretty much where one would expect — Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by five points with and without third-party candidates tossed in — it was his standing with black voters that commanded the attention. Because it’s PPP, we were treated with a number of off-the-wall questions, including comparing the candidates’ popularity to bed bugs, Ryan Lochte and the middle seat on a plane.

Now, among the overall electorate, Trump fared better than most of the awful options. However, with African-Americans, he was behind every single one, including the bubonic plague and mosquitoes.



But that’s not even the most embarrassing part. According to the survey, 97% of black voters hold a negative view of Trump. An additional three percent either are unsure of their feelings, meaning there were none that saw the real estate mogul in a favorable light. Zilch. Zip. Nada.

Now, mind you, this poll was taken between August 26th and 28th, so this is taking into account Trump’s latest ‘outreach’ to minorities, which has essentially been speaking about blacks and Hispanics in condescending, patronizing, archaic ways while telling them to vote for him because they don’t have anything to lose anyway.

But, chin up, Donnie! Think positive. You have nowhere to go but up at this point. You can’t go lower than zero. And I’m sure your little jaunt to Detroit on Saturday to speak to a prosperity gospel preacher at an obscure Christian TV network will be just the ticket to gaining those votes.

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