“Donald Trump Is A Complete Asshole”: British Politician Attacks Trump Following Second Amendment Comments

Donald Trump is driving people crazy in the UK, too
Source: birminghammail.co.uk

A British politician has responded to Donald Trump’s comments about the Second Amendment by calling him ‘a complete asshole’. Jack Dromey, a member of the British parliament, made a rare decision to use rude language on his Twitter account following Trump’s controversial remarks about gun rights.

Trump said yesterday that Second Amendment activists could stop Hillary Clinton from appointing liberal Supreme Court justices who might support stricter gun laws. His comments have been widely criticized for hinting at Clinton’s assassination.

“Excuse me, I don’t normally use such language on Twitter”, Dromey said before linking to a Guardian newspaper article criticizing Trump for ‘hinting at murder’. Dromey mentioned Trump’s own Twitter account in the tweet, though Trump has not yet responded.

Trump has a history of responding to critical tweets and engaging in verbal battles with other users. He has famously jousted with Senator Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton and several media personalities. Trump rarely comes out the winner despite using derogatory language against his opponents.

Dromey actually campaigned against a luxury high-rise building in London, similar to Trump’s skyscrapers, because the building remained largely empty while ordinary Londoners couldn’t find houses. Dromey is also a veteran workers’ rights activist.

The UK has produced some of the best anti-Trump insults. When he visited his golf course in Scotland, Twitter users called him ‘a shitgibbon’, ‘tangerine face’ and a ‘weaselheaded fucknugget’. Dromey’s insult is nowhere near as profane or creative, but it is a rare intervention by foreign politician.

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Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.