41% Of Trump Voters In North Carolina Believe Hillary Clinton Is Literally The Devil

In A PPP poll released Tuesday, 40% of Trump supporters believe ACORN will steal the election for Clinton and 47% say they saw a video that doesn't exist.

One of the more disturbing and dangerous aspects of Donald Trump’s campaign for the White House has been his full-fledged endorsement of conspiratorial untruths. Every week, it seems we’re inundated with yet another falsehood tossed onto a dumpster fire of burning lies, all meant to rile his base up into an unhinged fury. And, if PPP’s polls are any indication, a large percentage of his cult-like following is swallowing everything he feeds them whole.

In the polling firm’s latest survey of North Carolina, a state Trump absolutely needs to win if he’s to have any chance in November, they find Hillary Clinton holding a small lead over the former reality TV star. In a four-person race, the Democratic nominee is up by two points, 43% to Trump’s 41%, with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson grabbing 7% and the Green Party’s Jill Stein pulling in 2%.

However, because PPP loves to ask off-the-wall questions in their polls, we also learned how Trump’s last week or so of crazy-ass nuttery affected the voting public. During one rally, echoing Ben Carson’s RNC remarks about Hillary’s ties to Lucifer, Trump said that he honestly thought Clinton was the devil. According to PPP’s survey, 41% of Trump voters believe that the former Secretary of State is indeed Satan.

But the ridiculousness doesn’t stop there. Hell no. With the former reality TV star bellowing out his belief that the entire election is going to be rigged, 69% of his followers believe that if Clinton wins in November, it will be because she stole the election. And a full 40% think ACORN will be the one who steals it for her. (Yeah, ACORN hasn’t existed since 2010.)

Want some more silliness? 47% of Trump voters say they have seen actual video of Iran unloading $400 million from a plane that was delivered to the country by the United States. There is no such video, and after repeating this claim a couple of times at rallies, Trump later (kinda) admitted he was wrong, saying the video he saw on TV was of hostages leaving a plane in Geneva.

What this shows is that there is a huge slice of Trump’s base that will believe any and every thing the real estate mogul utters. It is this very reason why media critics such as Brian Stelter have taken to admonishing conservative media figures like Sean Hannity for aiding and abetting Trump when he spouts conspiracy theories and demonstrable lies. By amplifying the claims, right-wing media is sowing more and more distrust in their faithful audience by ingraining false narratives and debunked assertions into their psyches.

Due to this cultish adherence to Trump’s candidacy, and the belief that what he is telling them is the truth, it is worrisome how some of these voters will act in November if Hillary Clinton wins.

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