Donald Trump Actually Thinks Clinton Is The Crazy One

Trump called Hillary Clinton 'unstable' and implied she had mental health problems
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Without a hint of irony, Donald Trump has claimed Hillary Clinton has mental health problems that make her unfit for office. Trump told a crowd Clinton was ‘unstable’ and implied that she was dangerous for the country because of her psychological state.

“I don’t think she’s all there,” Trump said. He claimed that Clinton had ‘short-circuited’ when she made statements about the FBI’s investigation into her emails. Referring to the Democratic candidate as ‘Unstable Hillary’, he claimed she could be ‘brainwashed’ and pointed to his own head to illustrate the point.

Trump has made a series of bizarre statements and behaved erratically over the last few weeks. His own mental health has been called into question as his poll numbers have dropped in the wake of recent controversies. Though experts have warned against speculating about candidates’ psychological state, Trump’s actions have encouraged some to wonder why he hasn’t yet released a full medical report.

Allegations that Hillary Clinton is mentally ill are not new. There is a popular right-wing conspiracy that Clinton had a stroke and suffered brain damage, which explains her actions during the Benghazi attacks, another favorite for conspiracy theorists.

Trump has released neither his tax returns nor a medical assessment, both of which are normally published by presidential campaigns by this stage. Trump’s stubborn refusal to release this information is fueling speculation about his financial affairs and medical history. His increasingly inexplicable behavior – joking about receiving a Purple Heart, kicking a baby out of a rally – is only adding to worries about his psychological state.

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Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.