Bernie Delegate SO MAD That Sanders Got Prime Speaking Spot On Monday Night

Bernie Delegate SO MAD That Sanders Got Prime Speaking Spot On Monday Night

One of the major storylines on the first day of the Democratic National Convention was the behavior of Bernie Sanders supporters. Prior to the start of the convention, thousands gathered in the streets to protest the fact that their guy didn’t get the nomination, spurred on by the DNC email leaks. They booed Sanders at a Monday afternoon speech when he told them to get behind Hillary Clinton and created a ruckus outside the perimeter of the arena.

This spilled over into the convention hall in the evening as a number of Bernie delegates decided they were going to childishly jeer and chant throughout the event. Early on, anytime Clinton’s name was brought up, you heard a round of boos. This eventually led ardent Sanders supporter Sarah Silverman, in a truly amazing moment, to tell them they were being ridiculous. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow wondered aloud what more Sanders loyalists wanted, considering they got Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s head on a platter and pushed the Dems in a more progressive direction.

After Silverman’s admonition, the #BernieorBust crowd tempered their actions, but didn’t completely stop them. Chants were still heard during Cory Booker’s and Elizabeth Warren’s speeches. Finally, their hero came on to cap the night, and Senator Sanders received a huge ovation. Closing out the opening session of a raucous day, Bernie spoke at length about his amazing run before giving a full-throated endorsement of the former Secretary of State.

After his speech, MSNBC sent reporters out into the crowd to get reactions from Sanders delegates. And, for the most part, it kind of reinforced the stereotype that his most faithful and dead-ending fans are naive, unrealistic, uncompromising idealists with extremely limited knowledge of politics. Hallie Jackson spoke to a Vermont delegate, Ashley Andreas, who went all special snowflake on us.

Andreas, after showing Hallie her Bernie tattoo, pointed out that she won’t voted for Hillary despite what Sanders has asked of his supporters. Why? Because she supports TPP (although she doesn’t now), her voting record shows she’s not with like Bernie at all (she voted with Sanders 93% of the time while in the Senate) and she’s still holding out for a roll call vote on Thursday night (it is actually on Tuesday night). Adding on to the full-blown ignorance, the Vermontian also whined that Bernie spoke last on Monday.

Yep, she actually bitched that Sanders was given the headline slot on the opening night. According to Andreas, it proved that the Democrats were completely ignoring and sticking up their middle fingers at the Bernie supporters all evening. You know, other than the numerous pro-Bernie speakers who were on stage the whole session and the fact that Bernie Sanders got to close it down. But, yeah, totes unfair!

Anyway, if you want to spend three minutes facepalming, check out the video below, courtesy of MSNBC:


Justin Baragona

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