Trump: ‘Complaining Women’ Owe A Lot To Roger Ailes

Trump: ‘Complaining Women’ Owe A Lot To Roger Ailes

In a move that will shock no-one, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has defended Roger Ailes, the Fox News chief who recently resigned after a series of sexual harassment allegations. Trump made the comments on NBC’s Meet The Press, which will air later today.

After saying he didn’t want to comment on the allegations against Ailes, Trump went on to criticize the ‘complaining women’ bringing suits against Ailes. Trump said Ailes has helped the women’s careers and they have previously praised the veteran Fox chief.

Roger Ailes transformed Fox News into a huge ratings success and right-wing mouthpiece, making him partially responsible for the current state of derangement on much of the American right. Trump has long been a friend and ally of Ailes. Fox News significantly helped Trump win over conservative voters.

Trump ‘feels bad’ for Ailes and called him a ‘very good person’ and a ‘very very talented person’. Trump also faces several allegations of harassment and his attitude to women is a serious problem for the campaign. Fox News’ sexual harassment issue may not end with Ailes’ departure. The network’s approach to female employees has long been a source of criticism.

One of the Fox employees alleging harassment is Megyn Kelly. Kelly’s public feud with Trump highlighted his dismissive attitude towards women and his critics. It’s hardly surprising that Trump is willing to defend Ailes. Fox News viewers are unlikely to be affected by the charges against Ailes just as they have stuck with Trump despite his many controversial statements.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.