Donald Trump And The GOP Are Facing A Possible Revolt At The Convention

Donald Trump And The GOP Are Facing A Possible Revolt At The Convention

Does anyone else get the feeling that this election is going to go down in our history as one of the strangest? Political historians will be combing over it for the next few decades and probably the next few centuries if we are lucky enough to remain a country that long. No one pays much attention to primaries, but we haven’t even gotten to the actual election yet, and the craziest stuff has happened.

I’ll leave out what happened with the Democrats and just focus on the Republicans today. They had a massive field of relatively hard-line conservatives, and it went down to the two craziest of the bunch with one hardliner dressed up as a moderate. The one with no political experience, and a penchant for racist, sexist, and hate speech, won it all in a virtual landslide. After all, Donald Trump won more primary votes than any previous Republican candidate.

That says a hell of a lot about the GOP base, doesn’t it? However, since he has cleared the field, Trump has been unable to unify the party, raise much money, has faced nearly daily criticism about one stupid statement or another. Now it seems a new challenge to Trump’s victory is coming from the delegates who are going to the convention in Cleveland.

Whether they have been inspired by Paul Ryan’s speech to vote their conscience, or they are sore losers because their favorite candidate lost doesn’t really matter, they want to be free to vote for who they want on the first ballot and not tied down to vote for Trump just because he won their state. Of course, this throws the system in disarray, but it one can hardly blame them when you look at the character of their candidate.

The response from Reince Priebus and Donald Trump are the sputtering and indignant responses of supposed superiors aghast at such insolence. They will not have this sort of action on their watch, or they will sue! It’s typical isn’t it?

I wrote before that Trump and Cruz are destroying the GOP, and the convention may prove me right. You see, even if Reince in his schoolmarm wisdom deems it illegal for delegates to break free from binding, these people will make a choice. They follow the rules or they don’t. If they obey, many Republicans will refuse to vote for Trump and the Party will fracture because of the stupidity within the base that chose such a flawed candidate.

On the other hand, the delegates could refuse to follow the rules. A lot of bickering and haggling will go on, but in the end, Trump will not be chosen as the candidate. Let’s say they choose someone more mainstream to compete with Hillary Clinton, like a JEB Bush just to steer away from the radicals and craziness and give them a chance in the election. It will give themselves a huge boost in polls and funding, but it will betray their base and fracture the Party.

Sure, this is just speculation, but when you consider that Hillary Clinton has courted the Bush donors while no former Republican President has endorsed Donald Trump, that sort of speaks volumes about where the GOP sits right now. Many in the GOP know they are sitting in a dumpster fire, but they don’t know what to do. The delegates have a chance to pull their asses from the fire, but they might have to redesign a broken system afterwards if they let them.

Poor Richard Jr.

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