Angry Old White Guy Who Lost To Obama In 2008 Blames Him For Orlando Shooting

Angry Old White Guy Who Lost To Obama In 2008 Blames Him For Orlando Shooting

Since November 2008, despite all the twists and turns our country has faced, outside of all the media noise, one thing has remained true…John McCain is still bitter about losing to Barack Obama.

On Thursday, the longtime Arizona Senator, who just so happens to be up for re-election in a race that is now deemed a toss-up, decided to weigh in on the tragedy in Orlando the only way he knew how — by firing shots at Obama.



Yup. According to the 2008 Republican Presidential nominee, the President of the United States essentially pulled the trigger of that Sig Sauer MCX Sunday morning because of his Middle East policies. The man who is directly responsible for foisting Sarah Palin on an unsuspecting public claimed that Obama created ISIS due to not doing more in Syria when he had the chance.

Now, mind you, shooter Omar Mateen may not have had any real allegiance to the Islamic State, as more and more it appears he was an unstable, raging closet case who couldn’t handle his own homosexuality due to his upbringing and religious background. And he also pledged allegiance and solidarity to extremist groups in direct opposition to ISIS, so it might be that he just wanted to use radical Islamism as a front for his actions.

But, never mind all that. Best to blame POTUS because that will work with the far-right base that I’m hoping will turn out in November and allow me to keep my seat.

Justin Baragona

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