Morning Joe: “Trump’s Preaching To The Choir, And The Choir’s Getting Smaller”

Morning Joe: “Trump’s Preaching To The Choir, And The Choir’s Getting Smaller”

Morning Joe may still be Morning Trump. But now, the hosts and panelists spend most of their time excoriating and trashing the Republican nominee, rather than pimping his campaign and brow-beating those critical of Donald Trump, as we witnessed during the halcyon days of the primary.

On Tuesday, much of the program was devoted to commentary about the real estate mogul and his toxic reaction to the Orlando shootings. We were treated to Mika Brzezinski giving her best concerned and pained facial expressions, all while Joe Scarborough lectured the GOP for allowing this unqualified blowhard take control of their party. Much of the discussion surrounded Trump insinuating President Obama was an ISIS sympathizer and Trump’s disastrous national security speech, where he reaffirmed his Muslim ban, despite the shooter being born in New York.

At one point, reporter Katy Tur, who has followed the Trump campaign for months now, was brought on to talk about the speech and the rest of Trump’s day, which also included The Donald stripping the venerable Washington Post of press credentials. An obviously exhausted and exasperated Tur attempted to fact-check Trump’s speech for the panel, but it was obvious from the word go that she didn’t give a fuck, because everyone already knew that it was word-salad filled with shit.

Mika eventually asked Tur what she was really feeling since it was apparent that she seemed to want to add something else. The reporter noted that the whole day had felt like a “marathon,” and she didn’t know how to really feel at the end of it all. Joe then jumped in, wanting to know if she’d noticed a change in tone and temperament, and if Trump’s “short fuse gets shorter.”

In response, Tur noted that his rallies have gotten a lot smaller as of late, having already noted that a Richmond stop the day before was barely attended. On top of that, she said that Trump’s team wants the media to give them more and more credit for how amazing a job they did in the Republican primary, which is now over. They can’t deal with the fact that they are no longer part of a process where there are more than a dozen different candidates, and they aren’t held to as much scrutiny. Now with more and more reporters focused on just two candidates, their operating can’t handle it, leading to a meltdown.

Towards the end of the conversation, panelist Steve Rattner blurted out “Trump’s preaching to the choir, and the choir’s getting smaller” after Joe was bloviating about Trump’s need to pivot to the general election. Scarborough loved the line so much that he repeated it, largely because it made his point so succinctly. They’d already shown Trump’s failing poll numbers, including the fact that he’s now TIED in Utah, and how he’s doubling won on the inflammatory rhetoric that worked in a crazy GOP primary.

However, he’s now trying to win an election by appealing only to the crazies. But the crazies now appear to be fewer in number.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:


Justin Baragona

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