You’ll Never, Ever, EVER Guess Who Paul Ryan Is Voting For This November

The Speaker of the House finally dropped all pretense on Thursday.

Paul Ryan announced in an op-ed Thursday afternoon that he was voting for Donald Trump this November. This comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone, as most everyone already figured that Ryan was a craven opportunist with no real cores or principles. Sure, he’ll talk a good game, but when push comes to shove, he’ll do what all other Republicans are doing.



Anyway, this allows Ryan to finally drop the charade that he was struggling with this decision. He gets to stop pretending that he needed to know more about Trump. He now gets to be part of the in crowd of GOP lapdogs who are going to ride Trump to their party’s destruction.

There’s nothing really else to this story, as this was all inevitable. So, just to pad it out, here are some nice Twitter reax:


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