Even Crazy Ass Glenn Beck Thinks Trump’s Vince Foster Conspiracy Theory Is Nuts

Even Crazy Ass Glenn Beck Thinks Trump’s Vince Foster Conspiracy Theory Is Nuts

Well, one of the stories that got play on cable news Tuesday morning was presumptive GOP nominee and current poll leader Donald Trump bringing up a long-held far-right conspiracy theory that the Clintons killed aide Vince Foster in 1993. While this has been around forever, it has never been treated with any sense of validity by any reputable media outlet. However, it is something the Limbaugh crowd has held onto for years, along with numerous other beliefs about the Clintons (and later, Obama).

Anyway, while Morning Joe spent much of their program talking about Trump bringing yet another kooky tabloid gossip story into the mainstream, CNN’s New Day tried to ignore it, realizing it was tawdry and not worthy of additional attention. However, one guest of theirs did mention it, but mostly just to mock and belittle Trump for digging in the trash. And it was one of the least likeliest sources to ridicule right-wing conspiracies — Glenn Beck.

Speaking to host Alisyn Camerota, Beck told her that he was joking on his program that Trump’s move, after calling Bill Clinton a rapist, was to then accuse the Clintons of being murderers. And that is what happened right away!

“Yesterday, we were just saying in a joking fashion, because the first thing — this is going to be a highly entertaining race — the first ad that comes out, he calls Bill Clinton a rapist, and we were joking on the air yesterday, how long before he gets to the list of the people that the Clintons have killed. Well, yesterday, he started with Vince Foster.”

Following Beck ranting about how the race is about people getting sick of the political system and throwing their vote behind a crazy man to shake it up, Camerota reminded the audience that Foster actually committed suicide, with Beck agreeing with her. He added that Trump will come up with a list of 40 people that Bill and Hillary have murdered when it’s all said and done.

Of course, Beck is a #NeverTrumper, so that is obviously fueling his mockery of Trump. But, this dude has yet to meat a conspiracy theory he doesn’t love. For him to roast someone else for peddling fantasies shows just how low Trump’s campaign has sunk. And we still have five-plus more months of this shit!

Below is video of the exchange, courtesy of Media Matters:


Justin Baragona

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