Sanders Vs Clinton: It’s Coming Down To California

Sanders Vs Clinton: It’s Coming Down To California

The Democratic primary is supposed to be over but Bernie Sanders continues to win state contests. Sanders won in Oregon last night by much more than the half of a percent Hillary Clinton beat Sanders by in Kentucky.

It is a surprise that Sanders came so close in conservative and southern Kentucky, and it is a nuisance to the Clinton campaign’s efforts to wrap up the primary and focus on Republican nominee Donald Trump that Bernie pulled out such a large victory in liberal Oregon.

Yet if there has been one theme to the 2016 Democratic Primary it is that Sanders has won or has come too close for Clinton to claim a clear nominational mandate in most of the states that will undoubtedly go on to vote for the eventual Democratic nominee in Election 2016, and that Clinton’s imposing delegate lead comes largely from Southern states that are not ultimately going to be very electorally kind to the Democratic nominee.

It should be noted that Clinton did win swing states Ohio, Virginia, and Florida by impressive margins, but it should also be noted that Sanders has a big secret weapon in independent voters, who were unable to participate in the majority of state primaries. Independent voters helped Sanders win the Democratic primary’s biggest upsets in New Hampshire, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and are the reason polls indicate that Sanders would defeat Trump by a much bigger margin than Clinton.

The states that have yet to vote in the Democratic primary, as well as the super delegates who can still have an effect on the outcome of the race, have a big choice ahead of them. Donald Trump, a narcissistic, trust fund baby wannabe-fascist, may be the most polarizing presidential nominee in history, and the most important quality for the Democratic nominee to have is narrowing down to simple electability.

A President Trump will tarnish America’s democracy, government, and foreign policy for a generation, and the intentionally divisive, dictator-admiring candidate must not be allowed to buy, lie, and brag his way into the Oval Office. Read a Greek play, or a history book, or remember any pompous failure from your own life: hubris never works out well. And neither does fascism.

The Republican Party may be struggling with the acceptance of Trump as an unleashed nationalistic Id with the #NeverTrump movement, but what about Republican partisanship over the last sixteen years suggests that the GOP is going to do the right thing? It is up to Democrats to stop Trump, and polls have consistently shown throughout the entire election that Bernie Sanders will beat Trump in one of the biggest landslides in modern history—by as much as 16 percentage points.

Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington D.C., and all the super delegates take note: Democrats will have a much harder time winning in November with Clinton as the nominee than Sanders.

California, with its mass of delegates and deep blue political shade, will likely determine the outcome of the Democratic primary. If Clinton wins, even narrowly, Sanders should concede a narrow loss. However, if Sanders wins California, Sanders should not be blamed for contesting the Democratic convention.

Levi Olson

Levi Olson

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