‘Morning Joe’ Does Trump’s Bidding, Urges Bernie Sanders To Run As An Independent

‘Morning Joe’ Does Trump’s Bidding, Urges Bernie Sanders To Run As An Independent

Once again, MSNBC’s Morning Joe proved that it would do anything to help presumptive GOP nominee and PR flack cosplayer Donald Trump become the frontrunner in the race for the White House. On Wednesday morning, the entire panel essentially called for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders to run as an independent in the general election, citing how unfair he’s been treated in the Democratic primary.

This all comes on the heels of Sanders splitting Tuesday’s two state primaries, where he barely lost Kentucky and pulled off a solid but not overwhelming victory in Oregon. Considering how far back he is in pledged delegates and the fact that few states are left on the slate, he needed to win both states by huge margins to even have a slight mathematical chance to gain a majority before the convention.

However, the program’s hosts, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, along with panelists that included political hack Mark Halperin, decided to buy Sanders’ recent narrative that he has been treated unfairly by the Democratic Party’s leadership. Mika went so far as to say that DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz should resign immediately while Joe repeatedly asserted Bernie should run third-party to stick it to the party.

Below is the entire segment:



Now, mind you, DWS deserves no real sympathy. She’s pretty much a disaster as head of the DNC, and it just seems inappropriate to have an elected lawmaker run the organization. But, in regards to the last few days and the gripes coming from Bernie, she is really not at fault. The whole thing stems from Sanders and his team not accepting reality.

The fact is, the whole Nevada disaster derives from Sanders supporters trying to game the system in order to circumvent the will of the people in the state. See, Hillary WON the caucus in February. By five points. Meaning she would likely come away with 20 delegates to Bernie’s 15. Therefore, the Sanders campaign decided to try to flood the county conventions later on to flip a delegate or two at the state convention, which was held this past weekend.

However, only about 75% of Bernie’s delegates decided to show up, with roughly 500 absent. On the flip side, 98% of Hillary’s supporters appeared. Of the Bernie loyalists, roughly 60 weren’t registered as Democrats. (Convention rules clearly stated that one to be registered by May 1st.) In the end, there were more Hillary supporters in the room than Bernie delegates, meaning Sanders supporters were unable to get rule changes that they wanted, leading to the commotion and violence that night, and later, Bernie fans sending the state’s party chair death threats.

Bernie, of course, could have poured some cold water on all of this, especially considering how minor the stakes really were. (In the end, he has as many delegates in the state as the caucus vote indicated.) Instead, he tossed gasoline on it and used a flamethrower with an incendiary, unapologetic statement where he essentially called the party a bunch of crooks while sticking up for his supports, saying they aren’t violent. He followed that up with a raucous speech where he went negative on Hillary and demonized the Democratic Party. (A party he hopes will flip superdelegates to him even though he’s losing the popular vote by 3 million.)

And we return to why Morning Joe is pushing for Bernie to run third-party. They see he is in desperate, BURN IT ALL mode, with his emotions high. He sees the general election polls showing he’s performing better against Trump than Hillary. The nomination seems so close, yet so far away. He’s still pulling in huge enthusiastic crowds. His supporters are yelling “Bernie or bust!” at his rallies now.

See, Mika and Joe know that with a little prodding, perhaps Bernie will just say fuck it, I’m going independent. Which is exactly what Trump wants. While he’s closing in on Hillary in recent polls, he knows that once Bernie drops out and endorses Hillary, and perhaps even campaigns for her, then liberals will get back on board with her…and he’s fucked.

But if Bernie decides to screw everyone over — seriously, you can’t go through an entire party primary and then go indy after it doesn’t work out for you — then Trump all but wraps up the White House. A large portion of progressives that would never vote for Donald but would for Hillary, would peel off to Feel The Bern. And then we’re stuck with a stubby-fingered, spray-tanned, misogynistic, racist, fascistic demagogue as the leader of the free world.

But, man, will it be good for cable news. AMIRITE?

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona is the founder/publisher of Contemptor and a contributor to The Daily Beast. He was previously the Cable News Correspondent for Mediaite and prior to starting Contemptor, he worked on the editorial staff of PoliticusUSA. During that time, he had his work quoted by USA Today and BBC News, among others. Justin began his published career as a political writer for 411Mania. He resides in St. Louis, MO with his wife and pets.