NC Governor Pat McCrory Can’t Provide Any Evidence For Necessity Of Bathroom Laws

NC Governor Pat McCrory Can’t Provide Any Evidence For Necessity Of Bathroom Laws

Man, when you’re a Republican and Fox News turns on you, you might want to reassess what you’re doing.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss his impending decision regarding the discriminatory law HB2, otherwise known as the ‘Force Trans People To Use The Wrong Bathroom’ law. Last week, the Department of Justice informed North Carolina that it was violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with the measure, and it has until Monday to make changes. If the state refuses to budge, it could lose hundred of billions of federal education dollars.

Wallace has already commented on this law in past broadcasts, making it clear that he feels this is a solution in search of a problem. Facing off with McCrory, he pressed the conservative guv to justify the necessity of the law and why he can’t just let it go, especially considering the economic damage it poses for the state.

And, because McCrory is both a moron and a crass politician, he decided to blame everything on Democrats, because why not.

From Fox News’ transcript:


WALLACE:  But let me – let – I’m going to get to the money in a – in a second. But how many cases – how many cases have you had in North Carolina in the last year where people have been convicted of using transgender protections to commit crimes in bathrooms?

MCCRORY: This wasn’t a problem. That’s the point I’m making. This is the Democratic Party and the left wing of the Democratic Party –

WALLACE:  But have – have there been any cases of this?

MCCRORY: Not that I’m aware of.

WALLACE:  Have there been any cases in the last five years?

MCCRORY: Let – why did the Democratic Party in Houston, Texas, and – and –

WALLACE:  But – but I guess the question is – forgive me, if I may, sir.


WALLACE:  Why not just then let it go if there’s – if there’s not a case of transgender people going in and molesting little girls –

MCCRORY: Because there’s – I haven’t – I haven’t used that at all. This is an issue of expectation –

WALLACE:  Well, you did say a – a boy who thinks he’s a girl going into a girls’ bathroom.

MCCRORY: And that’s where there’s an expectation of privacy. When you go into a restroom or your wife goes into a restroom, you assume the only other people going into that restroom or shower facility is going to be a person of the same gender. That’s been an expectation of privacy that all of us have had for years.

WALLACE:  But if there’s no problem, then why pass the law in the first place?

MCCRORY: Well, there can be a problem because the – the liberal Democrats are the ones pushing for bathroom laws and now President Obama and one of my successors as mayor of Charlotte wants government to have bathroom rules. I’m not interested in that. We did not start this on the right. Who started it was the – the political left in Houston, Texas, then Charlotte, North Carolina, and now, frankly, in Washington, D.C.


So, in summary, it was President Obama and liberal Democrats that forced North Carolina Republicans to pass a law forcing transgender people to use the incorrect bathrooms because…umm, I’m still not sure what the hell he’s talking about here. But, if you can blame Obama, then do it, I guess.

Anyway, it sounds like McCrory is going to step on his dick and not do anything by end of business Monday. Therefore, it looks like this will go to the courts. Meanwhile, North Carolina will continue to see businesses move out of the state, sporting events and concerts canceled and the federal government withhold funds. Good job, Republicans!

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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