Obama: “This Is Not A Reality Show!” Reporter: “Did You See Trump’s Taco Bowl Tweet?”

During a Friday press conference, the President tried to express the seriousness of this year's election, only to have the media shit all over it.

If you needed further proof that this election has been one long bad SNL skit, look no further than Friday’s presidential press conference.

With reporters gathered at the White House after April’s job figures were released, showing that the nation’s unemployment rate held steady at 5%, President Obama weighed in on the state of the 2016 presidential race. Regarding Donald Trump becoming the presumptive GOP nominee, POTUS had the following to say:

“He has a long record that needs to be examined. And I think it’s important to take seriously the statements he’s made in the past. I just want to emphasize that we are in serious times and this is a serious job…This is not entertainment, this is not a reality show, this is a contest for president of the United States.”



Of course, shortly after making that statement, calling on the media to hold Trump to the high standards once should expect of a major party candidate for the White House, one intrepid reporter went and did this:


Reporter Dude: Did you see Donald Trump’s taco bowl tweet? And your thoughts on it.

Obama: I have no thoughts on Mr. Trump’s tweets. As a general rule, I don’t pay attention to Mr. Trump’s tweets. Um, and I think that will be true for the next six months so you can just file that one.

Then POTUS just grinned and laughed a little, because what the fuck else could he do. This is the kind of stupid shit that this election has wrought. And this won’t be the last time he’s asked about one of Trump’s tweets.

Good job, media. Damn good job!

Justin Baragona is the editor and publisher of Contemptor. Prior to starting the site, he worked on the editorial staff of PoliticusUSA. During that time, he had his work quoted by USA Today and BBC News, among others. Justin began his published career as a political writer for 411Mania. He currently resides in St. Louis, MO with his wife and pets.
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