Trump Celebrates New York Primary Win By Retweeting Yet Another White Supremacist

Trump Celebrates New York Primary Win By Retweeting Yet Another White Supremacist

Remember how the staff shakeup of Donald Trump’s campaign earlier this month was going to lead to the Trumpster acting more professional and mature? Remember how we heard that the celebrity billionaire was going to try to cut back on Twitter, seeing how it has caused his camp tons of headaches since he entered the race?

Well, nothing has changed. AT ALL. As New York’s primary results were pouring in, revealing that he dominated the GOP race and took nearly all of the delegates from the state, the former reality TV star grabbed his smartphone and let his stubby fingers do the rest. Once again, Trump retweeted a white supremacist, something that has become commonplace for The Donald.



According to The Hill, Jason Bergkamp is an online journalist who writes about “white nationalism and genocide” and regularly tweets pictures of barely-dressed white women with the hashtag #WhiteGirlsAreMagic. This is also at least the seventh time that Trump has retweeted Bergkamp, who has over 50,000 followers on Twitter.

As stated before, Trump has had a troubling tendency to share tweets from avowed racists and white nationalists this election season. This is likely due to the fact that much of his online support comes from the so-called #AltRight, which is really just a fancy term for white supremacy these days. This has led to him retweeting posts from easily identifiable racist accounts like @WhiteGenocideTM, or tossing out blatantly false racist memes.

Meanwhile, after dominating in New York, the mainstream media spent the evening remarking how “presidential” Trump appeared.

Justin Baragona

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