Jeff Weaver Refuses To Believe Reality, Tosses Around Some Magic Pixie Dust On MSNBC

Jeff Weaver Refuses To Believe Reality, Tosses Around Some Magic Pixie Dust On MSNBC

Well, Tuesday night was a very, very, very good night for the Hillary Clinton campaign. She won the New York Democratic primary resoundingly, expanding her pledged delegate lead over Bernie Sanders. With fewer and fewer states on the primary calendar, and Clinton holding large polling leads in many of them, it seems damn near impossible for Bernie to narrow the gap before this summer’s convention.

Now, of course, Bernie is still mathematically in it, and as we’ve seen in this crazy and neverending election season, anything is possible. So no one should really be trying to force him to drop out at this time, especially since he has a number of rabid supporters and tons of money banked from all of their small donations. However, you would hope that the guy running his race would at least not go on TV and insult the viewers’ collective intelligence. And that is what campaign manager Jeff Weaver did Tuesday night.

Following a crushing loss in New York, Weaver ambled onto the MSNBC set to discuss delegate math and a path to victory with election map guru and Rachel Maddow wonk clone Steve Kornacki. Standing in front of the big fancy touchscreen, Kornacki asked Weaver to show him how exactly Sanders expected to pass Hillary in delegates after she widened her lead on Tuesday night.

Essentially, the Sanders flack went full Underpants Gnome on poor Steve, saying that there were a lot of votes in California, some more out West, and that they’ll outperform their current poll standings in Mid-Atlantic states, despite those states having similar demographics to New York.

While Weaver unicorned around the map, Kornacki tried to inject some much-needed reality into Weaver’s world. After pointing out that it seemed highly unlikely that there was any way for Bernie to pass Hillary in pledged delegates, Weaver said that they would start going after superdelegates. (Hillary leads 469 to 31 with them.) A flummoxed Kornacki wondered, like the rest of us, how in the hell are you going to convince all of those political insiders to flip from Clinton to Sanders if you aren’t leading in either the popular vote or pledged delegates.

According to Weaver — MAGIC!!!

Anyway, if you want to see the Democratic version of Karl Rove doing Republican math, the video is below:


Justin Baragona

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