Donald Rumsfeld Wants To See Flat Tax Before He Dies. Others Want To See Him In Jail.

Donald Rumsfeld Wants To See Flat Tax Before He Dies. Others Want To See Him In Jail.

You’d think someone who has been in the public eye and the world of politics this long would be smarter than this. But, it is Donald Rumsfeld we are talking about after all.

On Monday morning, the 83-year-old former Secretary of Defense and primary architect of the disastrous Iraq War had some thoughts on income taxes. In a series of tweets, he complained about filing taxes, stating it was complicated and that it would be better if we just instituted a flat tax. (Conservatives favorite thing of all favorite things.)

First, we saw Rummy trying to make a funny by bringing up one of his infamous wartime quotes.



I see what you did there, Donny Boy. Hardy har har. Now, go fuck yourself.

He then posted a letter he sent on tax day, revealing that he is still a major league asshole in his old age.


Finally, he whined about how he’s going to die before we see a flat tax in the United States.


Well, it was the last tweet that set people off, as they complained in kind, letting Rumsfeld know that they were losing hope that he’d be brought to justice for starting an illegal war that destabilized an entire region.


Donald Rumsfeld, a very bad person who is blissfully oblivious to the damage he’s caused in his lifetime and seems to think the worst thing of all is having his accountant do his taxes.

Justin Baragona

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