Mika Brzezinski Punches Down At Michelle Fields Because That’s What Rich Powerful People Do

Mika Brzezinski Punches Down At Michelle Fields Because That’s What Rich Powerful People Do

Apparently, Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski truly knows her value, and that value is to sneer and piss down on someone who has essentially seen her career disintegrate because that person tried to harm the Precious.

During Friday morning’s broadcast, the woman with a multi-million dollar contract — for a show that draws around half-a-million viewers — decided to use her airtime to mock former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields after battery charges against Corey Lewandowski were dropped on Thursday. Mika lit into Fields for pressing charges, labeling the whole thing a joke and making sure everyone knew that Fields was just an attention-seeking whore.

“For the first time, we’ve heard nothing from the reporter who’s made these accusations, nothing at all. She tweeted a lot about it. She was very upset when it happened, you could hear the audiotape. She was saying, ‘Oh, my god, oh, my god.’ I’m going to tell you right now, a lot worse has happened to me in a press scrum. A lot worse.

I’m just going to be very careful but I think we women have a responsibility to make sure that we bring to the table valuable credibility, and that we don’t — I think something that is sort of hard to talk about happened here. And I’m not going to push it forward and lead to anymore problems. But this was a joke from the beginning. It was.”

You sure told her, Mika. I hope Fields, who is now jobless, has received death threats, had to move from her home and is now in the crosshairs of both Trumpkins and powerful media personalities like you, Greta Van Susteren and half of Fox News, has learned her lesson. And that lesson…don’t do anything to rock the Trump Train.

The worst thing about all of this is that the media has has conveniently forgot how we even got to the point where Lewandowski was charged. After he grabbed Fields’ arm hard enough to bruise it, all she really wanted was for him and the Trump team to confirm it happened and to offer an apology. However, that was FAR TOO MUCH to ask for, apparently.

Instead, she was subjected to Lewandowski calling her delusional on Twitter and implying that she was a publicly-hungry slut by linking to garbage ‘articles’ from the worst troll on the internet. (This was after he told at least one reporter he grabbed her because he thought she was part of the liberal media.) Donald Trump, for his part, said she was making the whole thing up. At the same time, her employer went out of its way to hang her out to dry even occurred, despite real-time audio evidence and an eyewitness account corroborating what she said.

It was the whole smear job that forced Fields to even file charges with the Jupiter Police Department in the first place. Yeah, it was always a long-shot that Lewandowski would face prosecution for what was essentially just him brusquely moving Fields out of the way. However, the police still found probable cause to issue an arrest warrant and charge him. They showed that he touched her against her will, which is something that the whole Trump team vehemently denied from the get-go.

And that’s the whole lesson here. There are no repercussions for the rich and famous when they are caught not only lying, but covering up that lie by gaslighting and smearing the person who was ultimately telling the truth. Instead, they are just encouraged to continue to act in a bullying manner because they were not only vindicated by the state prosecutor, but they have members of the media who are more than willing to carry their water.

So, Michelle, KNOW YOUR VALUE. Which is, be a good little girl and never speak up, unless it is to criticize other women for speaking up.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



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Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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