Rick Scott Cuts Attack Ad Against Woman Who Called Him An Asshole Because He’s An Asshole

The thin-skinned, Trump-endorsing Florida Governor decided to punch down and release a political hit ad against a citizen who criticized him at a Starbucks.

Three days after Governor of Florida and real-life Bat Boy Rick Scott was publicly criticized at a Starbucks by a private citizen over his policies, he decided to show all other Floridians what happens if you cross him — you’ll be the target of a political attack ad.

Scott, who recently endorsed Donald Trump, decided to show he’s just as thin-skinned as the Orange One by punching down at a woman who called him an “asshole” earlier this week. In the ad released on Friday, Cara Jennings, the woman who made the grievous error of verbally attacking Scott, was identified as a former government official and an anarchist. It was then pointed out that Florida has become a veritable utopia under Scott’s leadership.

It’s obvious that Scott got his panties in a twist that video of the coffee shop encounter went viral and now has at least two million hits. Therefore, he felt the best course of action was to smear a woman who has no real political or social power, just because he can. That, by definition, is the actions of an asshole.

Seems like Cara Jennings nailed him dead to rights.

Below is video of the attack ad, in case you feel the need to watch it:



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