Donald Trump: I Insulted Women In The Past Because I Didn’t Think I’d Run For Office

Donald Trump: I Insulted Women In The Past Because I Didn’t Think I’d Run For Office

With the Wisconsin primary quickly approaching and the GOP polls showing a tight race between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, the Republican frontrunner and Heidi Cruz bean-spiller agreed to an interview with influential Wisconsin conservative radio host Charlie Sykes on Monday morning. Unlike many of his call-ins to right-wing radio, this interview was quite contentious, as Sykes peppered the real estate mogul with tough but fair questions and called him out for trying to constantly pivot away from giving straight answers.

Fairly early in the conversation, Sykes brought up Trump’s disastrous poll numbers with women, pointing out that even a large number of Republican and conservative women have said they’ll never vote for The Donald, let alone independents and Democrats. The radio host stated that it was his belief that conservative women were put off by Trump’s attitude and history of making sexist comments.

In response to Sykes’ question regarding how he’d change their feelings towards him, Trump talked about how unbelievably great he’s been for women because he’s hired them for jobs in the past. Sometimes, he even pays them as much of not more than men. Sykes wouldn’t let him off the hook with that simplistic answer, though, and pressed him on why he’s constantly made disparaging and offensive comments towards women.

Trump’s response — he was a celebrity and entertainer, and he never thought he’d run for President. See, he was a totally famous person right from the get-go, and he was just having fun with the media and other people when he’d talk shit about women. And, even though he’d talked about running for the White House since at least 1988, he didn’t think he’d get to this point. Or something.

Sykes even asked him if Trump thought the rules were different for celebrities and that it was OK for them to be assholes to women. Trump said no, and then brought up how much fun he had on the Howard Stern show and that the women there would laugh at his insults, so it was all good.

At this point, Sykes pressed Trump on the fact that his offensive remarks and actions were just confined to his time as an ‘entertainer,’ but had continued with Megyn Kelly, Carly Fiorina and, recently, Heidi Cruz. Of course, Trump dismissed those, claiming that he thinks he was in the right and that he was just defending himself.

OK, Donald. OK.

Below is audio of the entire interview, courtesy of WTMJ:


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