Little Trump Bro Gets Called Out For Needing A Booster Seat During CNN Appearance

Little Trump Bro Gets Called Out For Needing A Booster Seat During CNN Appearance

Lately, it’s been damn near impossible to watch CNN whenever they are providing live coverage of this election. Whether they are broadcasting primary results or discussing one of the debates, they always seem to have a contributor on the panel whose sole job is to talk positively about Donald Trump.

This first started last summer when they hired former Reagan aide and American Spectator writer Jeffrey Lord to be a political commentator, mostly on the advice of Trump, who stated that Lord understood him. After a few months of Lord being the station’s paid Trump lackey, brought on¬†Kayleigh McEnany as another Trump supporter. In the past few days, the channel has unveiled a third Trumpkin, Andy Dean.

Dean is a former Apprentice contestant (yes, seriously) who was hired by Trump later on and is now the president of Trump Productions, whatever the fuck that is. In essence, take every Young Conservative stereotype you can think of, multiply those by ten, add in a dash of David Spade’s character from PCU and throw in a eminently punchable face, and you have Dean. On top of all that, Dean is apparently a little guy who suffers from a Napoleon complex.

With CNN on location in Miami on Thursday, ahead of the network’s Republican debate, Dean was part of panel discussing the GOP race, Trump’s latest offensive remarks, and the upcoming debate. Sitting next to ex-Jeb Bush staffer Tim Miller, Dean was spreading on the smarm so thick at one point that Miller decided to hit him with a sick burn that Dean has likely not recovered from yet.

“The Donald Trump guys, they try to seem tough, the try to seem strong, which is why you’re sitting in a booster chair right now because you want to seem tall and strong.”

Ouch! What makes it even better is that Miller is an unassuming, kinda gawky guy, so to see this come out of him was just unexpected. And it made it so very awesome.

Dean, in the weakest comeback in history, said “I have big hands,” obviously trying to play off of Trump’s ‘big dick’ remark at the last debate.

Anyway, should we feel guilty at mocking this dude? No, no we shouldn’t.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of YouTube user Bill Henderson:


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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