Scarborough Goes On Pissy Twitter Rant After Getting Called Out For Pro-Trump Coverage

Scarborough Goes On Pissy Twitter Rant After Getting Called Out For Pro-Trump Coverage

At this point, it is conventional wisdom that MSNBC’s Morning Joe is a safe space for Donald Trump, and the two hosts have bent over backwards to accommodate the current Republican Presidential frontrunner. Whether it is making sure that he won’t have to deal with tough questions during a ‘town hall,’ allowing him to call in to their show whenever he wants, leaving him voice messages thanking him for a gift or visiting him in his hotel room, the evidence has shown that hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough have used the program to promote The Donald’s campaign.

Following up another broadcast that featured Trump calling in and getting a nice, soft massage from the duo, Scarborough lost his shit after yet another media critic took aim at the over-the-top pro-Trump nature of the show. Jay Rosen took to Twitter on Tuesday to initially comment on a Huffington Post open letter to Trump voters. However, at some point, the conversation veered to Morning Joe’s coverage of the orange-hued billionaire, leading to Rosen saying that he wished Joe and Co. would just own up to their bias.



Of course, Scarborough wasn’t going to take this lying down, and went on a Trumpian Twitter rant, claiming that he’s been harder than most on the former reality TV star, pointing to his recent comments about Trump’s KKK non-disavowal.



After that whole little tirade, Rosen responded to Joe’s tweet regarding his and Mika’s long friendship with Trump, claiming that perhaps he’d want to take a different tact.



Since Joe is a thin-skinned baby, he wouldn’t let it go, and made the claim that he’s been friendlier with Kasich and Bush.



Here’s the thing that Joe either fails to understand or is purposely obfuscating. While he may have closer friendships and more in common with Kasich or Jeb, neither man has been on Morning Joe — nor been covered — even a fraction as much as Trump. Also, while Scarborough did have some ‘tough’ words for Trump regarding the KKK and his Muslim ban, it was only a matter of days when Donald was back on, playing footsie with Joe and Mika.

And that whole Trump town hall event being tougher than CNN’s? Sure, OK. The fact is both were essentially infomercials for Donald Trump’s campaign, and both CNN and MSNBC should be embarrassed by them.

You can protest all you want, Joe, but this is now baked in the cake. There’s nothing you can do about it now, other than give a full mea culpa, which we all know you will never do.


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Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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